On the 8th January (the date is significant as it happened to be David Bowie’s birthday and the release date of his latest album “Black Star”) my friend Clem, a supplier to iPosters, sent me his latest list of poster titles that he had just published.

The 1st on the list happened to be an image of David Bowie which was taken in the Netherlands in 1974. It’ s a monochrome picture of Bowie wearing his eye patch which I believe was used to hide an eye infection at the time. Being a Bowie fan and knowing that it would be a popular poster I jumped at the chance to stock the poster.

Fast forward 2 days to Monday and I woke, as usual, to the excellent Shaun Keaveny breakfast show on BBC 6 Music to hear the shocking news that David Bowie had passed away from cancer. 6 Music continued to play Bowie music and shared many stories about the great man throughout the day.

Grief of a celebrity is a contentious issue but music plays such a key part in most peoples lives and a tune can take you right back to a time and a place that has long since gone. The loss of such a talent is hard for any music fan and Bowie has left a great back catalogue for old and new fans to explore for decades to come.

One of the major poster publishers has re-released some of the old David Bowie album cover posters which iPosters now have in stock. They are Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane & Heroes. Others may follow. iPosters will donate 20% of profits made by the sale of any David Bowie posters during 2016 to Cancer Research UK.

I will leave you with my top 5 Bowie songs. He had such a massive catalogue that I doubt anyone has the same top 5.

  1. Space Oddity
  2. Life On Mars
  3. Five Years
  4. China Girl
  5. This Is Not America

Rest in peace David Bowie x