These days, it’s fair to say that kids are spoilt for choice when it comes to entertainment. They can pick from scores of TV channels. Many have DVD and Blu-Ray players in their rooms, so they can watch their favourite movies. There are enough video games, cartoons, and superhero films released every year to keep even the most fidgety child happy.

While television and cinema can be a controversial subject at times, studies have shown that colourful, engaging cartoons aid in early development and help with learning. So, your little one is getting more than a just thrill from their favourite Disney and Pixar movies. They are getting to grips with new shapes, words, and concepts.

So, brighten up their world today, by decorating with the cartoons they love. Children’s posters are very affordable and they can transform a bedroom or playroom in minutes.  

Ask the (Mini) Experts

There’s no need to struggle for decorating ideas because you’ve got your very own experts waiting in the wings. When adding some personality to a bedroom, get the little ones involved and sharing their opinions. Whether it’s Mickey Mouse, Jurassic Park, Thomas the Tank Engine, or Toy Story which gets the thumbs up, you’ll find super cool children’s posters that are sure to delight.

Top Pick: This Minions ‘Keep Calm and Eat a Banana’ poster is perfect for your mischievous monsters.

Keep It Bright and Colourful

As chief decorator, it is up to you to decide how much thought you want to put into your poster arrangements. You can simply hang them up neatly or you can show a little flair and match them with an existing colour scheme. Posters are a much more versatile tool than people realise; even basic designs are very striking when they’re made into a feature. So, keep your choice of colours bright and complementary.

Top Pick: This Retro Mickey Mouse poster is lively enough to satisfy the kids, but it also has a vintage vibe which grownups will love.

Invest in Quick Change Frames

As all parents know, kids can be fickle beasts. They might be obsessed with a certain cartoon one week and completely disinterested in it the next. It can make decorating a bedroom tricky. There’s no way to know if the occupant is going to be demanding changes before the paint has had time to dry. With quick change frames, you can slip new children’s posters in and out without having to take them off the wall first.

To Pick: Try your kids with this wacky ’Where’s Wally’ poster if you want to keep them occupied for longer.  

Protect Your Walls

If you’re a little unsure about hanging poster frames in the traditional way – with pins or nails – there are all kinds of clever alternatives. A quick Google search will bring up lots of different ways to hang pictures without creating holes. For instance, adhesive picture strips use a strong glue, but they don’t leave any marks on the wallpaper. They’re also useful if you’re concerned about older children taking sharp ended pins out of the wall.

Top Pick: Give your tiny Queen a big smile with this Peppa Pig Princess poster, complete with crown and fairy wings.

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