Tokyo Ghoul Ken 30 x 40cm Framed Collector Print

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Introducing the Tokyo Ghoul Ken Framed Print – a masterpiece that encapsulates the enigmatic allure of the popular Tokyo Ghoul anime series. This stunning 30 x 40cm framed print brings to life the complex character of Ken Kaneki, the brooding protagonist of the series, in an artful composition that will captivate any fan.
Immerse yourself in the dark and mysterious world of Tokyo Ghoul with this meticulously crafted framed print. The high-quality printing showcases intricate details and vivid colors, ensuring that every nuance of Ken's character is brought to life on your wall. From the hauntingly intense gaze to the finely depicted textures, this print is a true homage to the artistry of the series.
The print is expertly mounted within a sleek black frame, adding an elegant touch that complements both contemporary and classic décor styles. With its generous size, it becomes an instant focal point, sparking conversations and inviting you to delve deeper into the story behind the captivating image.
This Tokyo Ghoul Ken Framed Print isn't just a piece of art; it's a gateway to the Tokyo Ghoul universe, a collector's item that allows you to display your passion proudly. Whether it's adorning your living room, bedroom, or entertainment space, this print is destined to become a cherished addition to your personal sanctuary.
Capture the essence of Tokyo Ghoul and honor the enigmatic Ken Kaneki with this exceptional framed print. Elevate your surroundings and immerse yourself in the captivating world of anime with every glance. Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of Tokyo Ghoul magic – order your Tokyo Ghoul Ken Framed Print today and let your love for the series shine!

- Print on photographic paper
- Dimensions: 30.5 x 40.6cm
- Frame width: 25mm
- Shatter proof styrene
- Packaging: plastic film with protective plastic on the corners