Whether you've got a huge wall to decorate or a small space that's calling out to be filled, choosing the correct poster size for your home can make all the difference to your surroundings. Not only are posters a cost-effective source of decor, they can easily display your personality and passions and contribute to turning your bedroom from just a room with a bed into your own personal haven. So whether you're interested in design, scenic or music posters, make sure you do them credit by purchasing the right size.

If you have a large wall space one option would be to purchase one large poster to cover most of the wall. However, a more creative tactic would be to purchase several smaller posters of the same size and hang them in a line or other stylish layout. This would give a coordinated and decorative look, and you can even include a theme. For instance, instead of one poster of Jimi Hendrix you can declare your love of music with posters displaying your favourite artists, instruments and gig venues.

Smaller spaces can be tricky, you don't want to swamp the area but you do want to add a bit of personal flair. Posters displaying colourful, repetitive patterns can be a good alternative. Colourful zigzags, swirls and polka dots will brighten up your bedroom without overpowering the small space you have to decorate. Alternatively, why not get some postcard sized posters? You can line these up in decorative arrangements and can find a huge variety online, so you are sure to find something to suit your tastes.

There are plenty of ways to get creative when displaying posters. You may not think you have room for any, but what about that small space above your bedroom door? You could clip some posters to a decorative thread and hang it around the door. How about on your wardrobe? Some simple sticky tape could to the trick, or you could go all out and create a collage on your furniture.

Positioning plays a big part in decorating with posters. A good spot is always above your bed, as there is usually an empty space here. A poster placed directly above the centre of the bed contributes to an attractive layout. You can place multiple posters in a variety of sizes around the bedroom creating a theme for each location. Have a desk? Why not a poster displaying your favourite literary quote. Have a vanity table? How about a poster displaying a vintage beauty advert, or some music posters above your speakers.

You can get creative with posters. Is your bedroom window looking out onto a building site or the outside of someones house? Why not get an artistic poster displaying the view you'd rather see within a window frame and hang that across from your bed. Landlord won't let you get a pet? How about hanging a life-size poster of your ideal pet. Although if your perfect pet is any larger than a dog you may want to keep your available space in mind! So regardless of the size of your bedroom, a poster will not only fit neatly into your space, but will also add personality, flair and style.