The evolution of the video game has been a pretty fascinating journey. There was a time, for example, when being a ‘gamer’ came with all kinds of stereotypes and preconceptions. It has always been interesting and fun, but it hasn’t always been ‘cool.’ Now, though, everybody from Ryan Gosling to your great grandma can work a video game console and titles like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto have revolutionised the industry.

And, all of a sudden, games are being treated with the same reverence as blockbuster movies. You can see this in the way that video game posters have changed. They are bigger, bolder, and make much more of a statement when tacked to the bedroom wall. They’re their own special kind of artwork now and even older people – dads, uncles, and your science teacher – are keen to pick out their favourites.

Keep reading to find out why video game posters are still the coolest way to decorate a room.

They Look Like Movie Posters

Video game posters and movie posters are almost indistinguishable these days. The two mediums are merging, just as new releases are. Industry experts are pretty clear on the fact that video games are going to continue to get more cinematic and that, in time, the addition of VR technologies will bring the two closer together.

So, it should come as no surprise that many gaming posters now as look as real as the stills from Hollywood blockbusters. Check out this super cool Metal Gear Solid poster, as a good example. The detail is incredible and any Snake fan would be proud to hang this on their wall. The side profile is moody, modern, and it says a lot about the intensity of the game itself.

They Can Be Updated At Anytime

The great thing about video game posters is that you can just change them whenever you feel like. Or, whenever a new title comes out, you can show your excitement by switching things up and displaying a new graphic or image. If you’re still super psyched about Fallout 4 (and let’s face it, it is one game that never gets boring), why not show it with one of these retro style Nuka Cola gaming posters?

Unlike photographs in frames or traditional artwork, posters are extremely affordable and can be swapped around in minutes. They don’t leave little holes in your walls either. You can, of course, buy special poster frames and they’re just as affordable. If you get one with an opening in the bottom or side, you have the freedom to simply slip new posters in and out, without taking it off the wall.

They Let You Showcase You

Posters are a wonderful medium because they represent a chance to show off your personality and the things that you’re interested in. This is especially true when it comes to video game posters, as preferences here say a lot about a person. For instance, you might be more of a ‘Lara Croft’ type gamer, who enjoys solving puzzles than a ‘guns out’ rampage fan like Battlefield obsessives.

You might be fascinated by the historical nature of titles like Assassins Creed. If you are, a sleek and mysterious poster like this Creed Syndicate title might appeal to you. Ultimately, no matter how old you are or what type of job you do, if you love gaming, you should shout about it. The medium has become a  lot more universal than ever and, with such a remarkable diversity of content available, there really is something for everybody out there.   

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