If you’ve got a kid who’s crazy for superheroes, there’s a way that you can make Christmas super special this year. All tiny heroes and heroines dream about having a bedroom that is as awesome as their powers, so why not make it a reality. Transforming a small to medium sized room is easier than you might think.

With a bundle of great superhero posters, a slick new bedspread, and a coat of paint, you can create some serious magic. Whether it’s a birthday present, a treat from Santa, or a just a spontaneous surprise, you’ll be in their good books for quite some time. Hopefully, it’ll even convince them to be on their best superhero behaviour for a while, eh?

This guide to creating the best superhero bedroom in the world will give you some great tips.

Pick Up Some Cool Posters

The quickest and most cost effective way to decorate is by hanging posters. This is a good move if you don’t have the time or resources to change things up with a whole new colour scheme. Superhero posters are easy to frame, hang, and display. They look amazing and your little one will be able to show off their allegiance to Spiderman, Superman, Thor, Iron Man, or Captain America.

Choose the Right Colour

If you are planning to paint, make sure that you clear the room of your superhero posters first. Move everything out and make sure that the space is well ventilated. Take the time to do it when your mini monster is at school or staying with their grandparents, so that you’re able to focus on getting it done quickly. To speed up the process, you could just paint one signature wall in the colour of an iconic superhero. For instance, Captain America is blue, Green Arrow is, well, green, and Wolverine is yellow. You get the picture.

Recycle Old Comic Books

One really neat trick is to use old comic books to cover dull light switches. All you have to do is find a great graphic, cut it out to fit the shape of the switch and use a paste glue to secure them. If you source your comics from second-hand book shops and charity stores, this tip will cost you next to nothing. You’ll be surprised at how much of a visual impact it makes too, especially when teamed high-quality superhero posters,

Invest in a Themed Bedspread

Superhero themed sheets, duvets, and pillows are more affordable than ever. You can pick them up from online stores at very cheap prices and they give rooms an instant makeover. Plus, they’re available in pretty much any design and colour that you can think of. If you buy more than one set, your little one can switch between favourite superheroes throughout the year. For a big transformation, you might want to look for some themed curtains as well.

Hang DIY Decorations

To create really cheap, but wonderfully eye-catching, wall decorations, pick up a range of superhero masks from a costume shop. Add some small nails to the wall, somewhere high up and out of each, and then secure the masks in a horizontal or vertical arrangement. This produces a striking, minimalist effect, which is reminiscent of all the contemporary ‘deconstructed’ superhero artwork that you see these days. The difference is that yours will cost significantly less.